This is kind of more for my own use than anything, to have a media diary that I can look back on. A snapshot of the idiot I am at the age of 25.

I’d just really love to share my love of art and media. I’m not aiming to be a massive critic of anything — seeing that I feel in order to properly critique something you need to understand it completely which is generally impossible; I’m just going to list things that I believe are worth seeing/hearing/reading/playing and eventually the reasons why. Of course, it’ll constantly be in progress, so don’t see my lists as sedentary ‘these are the only good things’ but more just things that I’ve enjoyed experiencing.

So there will be kinda like two tiers of recommendations. If it’s in standard typeface on a list, it’s equivalent to “I enjoyed experiencing this thing, and I hope you will too;” and if it’s emboldened it’s the equivalent of “this is one of my favourite things.” Cue my Julie Andrews impersonation. Note: The Sound of Music is not on any list here at the moment because I haven’t seen it since I was maybe 7 or 8 years old.

Style Guide.

Finally, this is my personal blog, for greater insight into this particular idiot.